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So Easter break is coming to an end, and while sitting having a coffee I spot in the corner two children with their mother. In both their hands they are holding the distinctive gold foil of an Easter egg, contained within the last few jagged edge pieces of chocolate that remain (yummy).

Easter always brings energy as families, friends and communities come together to celebrate. The children find joy in the bunny hunts – a tradition from Germany. Their stories of the egg laying hare called “Osterhase” date back to the 15th century and it moved to the west when German emigrants brought the tradition to the USA. I noticed that there was one such egg hunt this weekend in Nore Valley Farm in Kilkenny, a marvellous spot for all the family to explore.

For me it was a weekend to relax and it was lovely to be able to slowdown, enjoy and to make a start on the maturing list of jobs that need doing around the house.

Sunday saw Easter lunch in Zuni Restaurant with family – if you have never been GO – one word ‘foodtastic’. To help cancel out the indulgences, afterwards we took a walk around the Medieval Mile of Kilkenny which just never gets old (well it is old MEDIEVAL – LOL you know what I mean J) and on Monday it was a road trip to the Boyne Valley & Kells Co. Meath, the cats on tour.

There was so much happening around the county including a family fun event at St. Canice’s Cathedral, Pottery workshops at Karen Morgan pottery Thomastown – such a smashing variety, something to meet everyone’s want.  Brighter longer days see people out and about, playing and talking together as spring brings promise of yet more blissful days ahead as summer grows ever closer.

“Dirty, Dirty”, I hear from the corner. “Leave it” sharply follows. As I look to see what is happening I see a child break into tears as I observe that one of the jagged edged pieces of treasured chocolate egg had escaped the golden foil and fallen to the floor.

“It was my last bit”, the child wails. “It’s dirty, and you had loads”, is his mum’s reply…….as he turns his back, head into the couch and wails and wails.

I feel like joining in!! Have you not heard of the TEN second rule?!

Dirty me arse – it’s CHOCOLATE!………

Then I see a little arm reach around the boy; it’s his sister, “are you okay?”

“NO”, he whimpers.

Then my heart melted as she consoled him saying “ It’s okay, here have some of mine”.