Kilkenny Design Centre Tours

2021-Travellers Choice
We are delighted to partner with our friends in the Kilkenny Group and welcome you into the world famous home of Irish Craft and Design in Kilkenny Castle Yard. First built in 1760’s for the Earl of Ormonde’s horses and originally part of the historic Kilkenny Castle. In 1963 the Kilkenny Design Workshops was established as a government funded initiative to improve design and manufacturing standards in Ireland. This centre of Excellence revolutionised Irish Design and it legacy lives on today and Kilkenny is designated a world Crafts Council Craft city and Region, one of only four regions to achieve this recognition in Europe. Offering an unrivalled collection of unique, high quality Irish handcrafted in beautifully appointed spaces, Kilkenny Design Centre is led by a dynamic team of experts who are passionate about showcasing the formidable work and people behind Ireland’s vibrant craft and design industry. Check out the three Shenanigans Kilkenny Design Centre tour experiences below.
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guided walking tour

Guided Walking Tour and Meet the Craft Makers